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The primary challenge was to drive the trust factor of the users and show off the development strength of our client's and hence, we worked on multiple micro-interactions and created an unconventional look for the same. Ben & Sam is a boutique development firm from Sydney Australia. Their mission is to deliver quality in every work they involve themselves with, and this is quite evident from their past track records.



The central vision of Ben & Sam for revamping their digital presence was to be able to communicate their capabilities and strengths with the prospects. They are consciously a small yet quaint team which boasts of having mastered the end to end development for a few huge projects, and this message had to be clear on their website.

While ideating on the concepts, few of the points were very clear to us. The first one was a careful use of micro-interactions for showcasing their development capabilities with ease. Second, we had to focus on the projects done by them and ensuring that user’s absorb the content. Third, we had to give a lot of importance to the banner as this was the first visual that user would interact with; hence, we worked on the elements and animations so that user could absorb what the website was all about.


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We adopted flat minimal design language. The overall layout follows elements of the coding style and has been used to provide a strong body language to the website. We have used the parallax scrolling effect to give the smooth feeling to overall design and content.

Primary color, gold, has been taken from the logo and we introduced black as a secondary color for a couple of reasons; first, blue helps in creating a beautiful contrast and balances the brightness of red to make it easy on user’s eyes. Second, blue is an incredibly mysterious, powerful, elegant and formal color in nature; this helped us in communicating the professionalism that studio had and their ability to pull off any task even with the team of small developers and designers.


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5 Star Review on Upwork

Ben & Sam

Great work structure and a pleasure to work with. Very confident in skills. Good communication and great technical skills. Will be using services again.

Ben & Sam
5 Star Review By Ben & Sam On Upwork