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How Logo and Brand Are Different From Each Others - All About Logo & Branding

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A brand and your logo can be misconstrued as more or less the same concept.

After speaking with several of our clients, and asking them about their brand.

Most would assume that their brand and logo consist of the same elements.

However, this isn’t true, to say the least.

Let’s look at what identifies a brand versus a logo. Separate the two, defining each of their meanings and how they will convey your value to your target audience.

At the end of the day, every entrepreneur wants to appeal to their audience and be as effective at this.

OK, so what’s a logo?

An impactful logo is an Identification of a business that can be a mark, icon, specified color which often includes the Business name and brand’s message or motto.

The logo should be able to induce an emotion and some memories to the consumers to build a relationship with the brand.

As Jay Danzie put it-
“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark”

Ok, so now that we got that covered let’s shift over and define the brand.


A brand is an experience with consumers when they start recognizing you and your business in your marketplace. A brand is your goodwill in the market that differentiates and identifies you from another business, product, and services.

Here’s a quote from Nathan Chan - an American cellist

“A great brand has four critical elements:

  • Value giving product or service
  • Innovative design
  • A visionary (Elon Musk - Tesla CEO)
  • The storyline behind the brand to appeal to the target audience

Even the great CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has said this, “A brand for a company is like a person’s reputation. You earn your reputation by executing difficult task well”

Branding Elements

So, how will this help you to effectively apply this to your brand?

Here’s how:

  • How you message and communicate with your end-consumer.
  • Visual design (Ex: logo, Website, Print material,) performance.
  • Are you targeting your “desired audience”.
  • Voice/Influencer of your business.
  • Testimonials/Reviews

To differentiate the Logo and Brand,  let’s consider Nike as an example.

We defined a logo as a shape that large companies use to represent their company. Nike uses the swoosh or check symbol, Apple Inc., using a half-eaten apple, McDonald’s, think of the golden arches (M), but here the main question is what makes them a brand?

Let’s talk more about Nike.

Nike is an iconic swoosh sign which represents the clear and simple shape of motion and speed, and the name Nike is derived from the Greek language, which means Goddess of Victory.

This impacts the consumers on an emotional level as well as their slogan “just do it”.

Nike Uses many branding strategies such as sports celebrity endorsements, commercial, product placement on tv and in movies, sponsorships, in-store graphics, print ads, hang-tags, the music in its videos, the design of its website, product photography and so on.

This is why brand strategy matters, and why we MUST take these first steps to identify the brand, and it’s value.

Let’s break this down further.

Your consumer doesn’t experience your company’s logo. They experience your brand services through your website/shop, product packaging.

Common misconceptions regarding your brand and logo.

  • A good logo boosts the sale.
  • No matter what value the product brings, or what the consumer experiences, they avoid branding since they have a logo.
  • A good logo is enough to make a strong positive emotional reaction for their business.

Many times, a client can assume their logo doesn’t resonate with their audience and they want to change it. However, it’s the branding behind the logo that converts more in revenue and overall brand awareness.

People may assume that the Nike logo resonates emotionally with their audience, hence why it’s such a huge brand.

In reality,

The truth is,

  • A logo is just a memory element.
  • No consumer wants to buy a terrible product despite the lower cost.(ex: coke versus 7-eleven’s cola bottles.)
  • A product that serves a particular pain point, such as Tinder for example. Since march of 2020, after the lockdown, due to COVID-19. Many singles were unable to go out and socialize, so Tinder surged in popularity. Not just Tinder, look at Amazon. Growing so rapidly with online sales. People want a familiar brand and Nike understands this very well. Look at all your friends who wear their brands, not to mention the celebrity endorsements, and affiliation with Hollywood films, etc.
  • Consumers decide to buy the latest collection of Nike’s products.

To understand why Nike is Nike.

Here are some aspects our designers consider while working on brands-

  • Iconic Logo which will be familiar to your business.
  • Fonts which will make your project more attractive
  • Color selection according to the brand.
  • Branding guidelines.
  • Consider the Nike product out of the box like signage, website, hang tags,  paper type, and finishes, apparel, uniforms, product packaging, billboards, etc.

To avoid the mistakes explained above, let us hold your hand and walk you through the process. It will be the best 30 minutes of your time you put towards your business.

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