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What A UX Designer Should Avoid To Become A Successful Designer?

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You may know many successful designers has done great work which became memorable to everyone. They are not born, but they made themselves with experience and the potential to never stop thinking & learning.

“Good designers want to be proved wrong, bad designers hope to be proved right.”
                                            — Andy Budd —

Every UX Designer knows what and how to do but often they know what to avoid and things not to do In UX Design. As a UX designer, I have found that things and going to share with you. So let’s jump on it.

  • Avoid spending more time on doing and utilize it in thinking
  • The best designer always spends more time on thinking, not on doing. The designer should focus on learning to think like a designer. While working, it feels good when you see the progress. This fuels teams to keep working away based on whatever is on the project checklist.
    Getting into the cycle of doing can make you stop thinking. Moving from task to task can easily prevent you from enough time to think.
    So make the schedule to fix the time for thinking Session.

  • Avoid Excessive Scrolling:-
  • Scrolling is the essential feature in UX design, So use scroll effectively because it decides whether it will engage users and drive them crazy or turn them to your competitors’ site.



    There are many types of scrolling:-

    • Fixed-long scrolling:-

    This type of scroll often uses in portfolios and storytelling.

    • Infinite scrolling:-

    A website with substantial content should use endless scrolling. Infinite scroll sets on each web page and allows your users to browse fresh content continuously. Social network sites like Tumblrusecebook and many more uses endless scrolling.

    • Parallax Scrolling:-

    3D Parallax while scrolling gives the user more engaging either website or games. The costa coffee brand is the best example of 3D Parallax.

    A successful designer always uses scrolling smartly in a digital product.

  • Avoid to settle-up on one Idea
  • Many of designer continues with the one settle idea which comes first comes in their mind, and it’s hard to say the design is good or bad thus try to apply few concepts on the project it helps you to compare with each other and makes to decide good or bad. So don’t stop to work your design idea on the project.

    Sometimes ideas and thoughts come in the quiet spaces. But if you will continue in DO mode, then you will never find time to think. That’s why people have an idea when they are in the shower, walking or driving these quiet moments makes our mind to feel.

  • Avoid too much use of digital tools
  • Every UX designer wants to make their design which looks like a final product ASAP. So often we skip the use of paper & pen and start using digital prototype tools. But these tools limit our creativity.

    That’s the reason Sketching is the basic rule of the UX Design. Use of Paper and pen can save you a lot of time. Many design problems solved by the sketching for example during brainstorming sessions, it becomes easier to express your ideas through sketching than using plain words.
    Another reason to use paper and pen is sometimes you got many creative ideas, but rarely it stays in your memory because human memory is fallible. So don’t ever forget to make a quick note or create a raw sketch in your notepad.

    So use pen before pixels.

  • Avoid to follow the yellow brick road:-
  • User research scripts is a good idea which gives us a common path to follow and guide the way we structure sessions. But the problem is that many of us and those who just started in UX tends to over script. We create incredibly ridged protocols which interfere with our ability to see the wood from the trees.   
    Learning & Exploring something which has just arisen is every bit as important as being able to develop research guidelines. It’s not our job to follow the path we have created but follow the path that our users want to take.

  • Avoid using Jargon:-
  • The way you talk to people should be crucial. Using jargon daily can make a bad habit. When people don’t understand what you are saying can cause misunderstanding and confusion. And this habit can make a bad/negative impact on our team and user towards you.

    There are possibilities in communication problem with other team players. Most of the people don’t know the technical terms which UX designer knows very well like heuristics or cognitive load; Your User may never even heard about it. So when you talk with the non-UX peers, try to use simple words to describe the long and complicated things.
    The designer often uses jargon in mockups and prototypes. When developers implement copy based on prototypes, then users struggle with UI full of specific terms.

  • Avoid to being unhealthy:-
  • As a sound designer, you need to be inspired, motivated and creative. No one can say always inspired, but if you eat unhealthy and crap food and don’t do exercise, your mind will get hazy.
    With a feeble mind, you can design well but won’t be last. So give preference also to your health. Because “The mind and body are not separate, what affects one affects the other” An active mind can think creatively and keeps you inspired always.

  • Avoid working with toxic people and company:-

  • In your work environment, there will be some people who don’t see the value in UX Design. These people are those who’s ego gets in the way of their job. They may treat you and your work poorly. When you meet these kinds of people, ignore and move on if you will be working with them for a while. You need inspired people in your surrounding to become a successful designer.
    In another side, I have seen some companies don’t give preference to UX Design and follow the proper design process of working. If ever you stuck this type of company then get yourself off from ASAP.

  • Avoid to Worrying about Job titles:-

  • Whether you are a mid-weight designer or senior designer, it doesn’t matter. To become a great successful designer you should focus on your skills & trade, not on the Job title.
    Become a senior level designer, not a senior designer because senior can be in your title but your experience, hard work, and produced work make you a senior level designer.

    Final Say:- Not only your skills and creativity but your mistake and the way you avoid and overcome that makes you a successful UX designer.

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