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BPN is a full-service media agency and is part of Mediabrands Norway AS. BPN is a company, which provide you a stream of leads for your business and solve all the issues in Internet marketing, using contextual advertising, SEO, SMM and influencer marketing.


The Challange

Design and develop an outstanding, unique website that presents the agency's projects and services, and converts more clients.

Solution #1 - Create a structured layout with space abstract background and light color palette to create a special atmosphere for a digitmarketing agency.

Solution #2 - Create About & Contact pages to provide a community atmosphere and make a company more transparent and trusted.

Development - After finalizing designs, we started web & mobile development of the website using Wordpress platform. We have created a universal responsive layout for different types of devices.


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UI/UX Design

HTML Development

Wordpress Development


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Client's Testimonial

UIUX Studios did a good job, working from our challenging brand proposition.

Every element of the site struck an excellent balance between professionalism and approachability. It also drew client interest, producing longer session times and an eightfold increase in inbound leads. UIUX Studios won praise for their responsive, flexible approach.

We had an antiquated website. It wasn’t responsive, lacked inbound lead capture features, did not work on mobile devices and didn’t represent our brand well.

The website was also starting to age technically. It had been built on a platform that was no longer supported, and we had trouble editing content.

I wanted a website that would bring us better SEO, would capture inbound leads better, which could be edited, and optimized and which would better represent our brand.

We wanted to have a more informal image for our company, but one that still worked for our Fortune 500 clients. This was a hard target to hit, but UIUX Studios did a good job, working from our challenging brand proposition.

We’ve had a lot of good feedback from current and potential clients. One of them told us that they chose us specifically because of the site. We have had an eight-fold increase in inbound leads. People are spending more time on the site. Our bounce rate has remained the same.

Their account manager has been incredibly responsive. He is always available to answer any question over the phone. Since we are a consulting firm, our staff is comprised of smart people with many ideas. This led to a lot of changes in our requirements, all of which UIUX Studios handled well. Working with their team was phenomenal.

Debbie Jurasek (Director of Marketing, BPN)