E.ON - Digital Analytics Case Study

E.ON enhances Analytics 360 to leverage its Google Marketing Platform stack

E.ON European holding company that runs one of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility and gas service providers and operates in over 30 countries and serves over 33 million customers.

UIUX Studios is a digital agency that helps businesses analyze and improve their marketing efforts. UIUX Studios specializes in Google Analytics (360), Google Tag Manager (360); Data Studio; Google Ads, Search 360; Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360

E.ON Digital Analytics Case Study Challenges


  • To design the 'end-to-end' data collection strategy for a new online product/platform
  • Implement the tracking and ensure data reliability and trustworthiness for further business and marketing decisions
  • Architect and build a tag management system to minimize 3rd party tag implementation
  • Integrate Analytics 360 and other Google Marketing Platform products
  • Build actionable and interactive dashboards for executive, operational, and marketing purposes


UIUX Studios began working with E.ON by first understanding their business objectives and translating those into the implementation roadmap. The newly launched product was not a standard eCommerce platform but rather an application-like funnel, which required the adoption of the enhanced eCommerce logic to reflect that. The requirements by different teams – operational, content, marketing, UX, customer experience – were accounted for in the tracking roadmap to ensure the holistic data collection.

The implementation plan was translated into the comprehensive instructions including the tailored enhanced eCommerce logic (measuring product impressions on the quote page, a tariff selection as add-to-cart, etc.).

UIUX Studios worked closely with the developers during the code implementation process, rounds of tracking QA and bug fixing to ensure accurate and reliable data collection

One of the challenges was to create an approach that could be replicated for further releases/product updates. That was successfully solved by making the ‘planning-implementation-verification’ a repeatable process.

With the end-to-end user journey being tracked, UIUX Studios worked with the business to collect the requirements for the automated reports and interactive dashboards. The reporting was put in place to give the business a continuous pulse check on the performance and to provide its different departments with the ability to make data-driven business decisions.


  • Best-in-class Analytics 360 configuration and tracking that allows to track end-to-end user journey
  • Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
  • Analytics 360 to Google Marketing Platform and CRM integrations
  • Design of the replicable approach to maintain the tracking consistency for the future releases/sprints
  • Tag Manager 360 set up to seamless integrate the tags and pixels (marketing, A/B tests, analytics, etc.)
  • Data Studio dashboards built for product owners and operation/ content management teams
E.on Digital Analytics Results


E.on Digital Analytics Workflow

Client's Testimonial

Johannes Teyssen, CEO, E.ON

"UIUX Studios is the team of subject matters who helped E.ON manage the complexity of navigating a large, multinational organization whilst working at the speed of working in a startup. UIUX Studios challenged us to be better, getting us to think about business problems in new ways and delivering the digital analytics strategy that help make business decisions faster, with confidence"

Johannes Teyssen, CEO, E.ON