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After our user research in New Zealand market we find following points.
1. Keep it simple – figure out what your customers really want and figure out the simplest, fastest way to give it to them
2. Persistence – it’s likely many of your original plans may not work the first time – so stick at it and experiment while you’re small and nimble.
3. Operate like a research lab – constantly develop theories that you test and adjust your site accordingly.



We started this digital product development in 2010 and successful to Cracking the online marketplace for NZ people.

'Connecting physical advertising mediums to digital activities provides us with so many opportunities.'

iLikeThat does all the hard work for their customers. With a target market that is both price sensitive and has a high spend per capita, iLikeThat offers a saving of up to 80% on purchases.

Our digital marketing success to a few main factors:

  • Growth hacking on social media
  • Setting up an affiliate + referral program
  • Taking advantage of content marketing
  • Drive organic traffic from google search engine


I Like That

Type of work

UI UX Design

Website Development


Affiliate marketing


Online Marketplace


Our client Andrew wanted to position his company as experts in local property investment as a strategy for converting leads into clients, and to value add for their current clients to help them sell their properties and build their loyalty so they use the agency's services again.

Property listing page

 iLikeThat Marketplace Property Listing Page

Property Detail

iLikeThat Marketplace Property Details


Custom-designed eCommerce business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace, intended to expand interaction of buyers and sellers beyond their traditional models.

Our client had the concept of eCommerce marketplace and they wanted to realize it to a maximum potential. The idea was simple — to combine traditional internet marketplace with social network. The project combines traditional seller/buyer acquisition model with referral-influencer model.

marketplace listing page

iLikeThat Marketplace Listing Page

Marketplace detail

iLikeThat Marketplace Detail Marketplace Page

CARS Marketplace

This integrated feature enables buyers to quickly choose all the options that meet their requirements. Selecting cars, trucks, and bikes, they can specify what they need, including price, make, model, city, and condition.

car listing page

iLikeThat Marketplace Car Listing Page

car listing detail page

iLikeThat Marketplace Car Listing Detail Page

Client's Testimonial

I absolutely love what UIUX Studios did for my business! They have a great team that went above & beyond refining aspects of my business that I was struggling to perfect. UIUX Studios have improved my business in ways I never would have imagined. I am so grateful to be working with this company, they definitely made my dreams become a reality. Their team is very reliable, creative and trustworthy. I have tried working with many other companies over the years yet by far they are the most experienced and professional app development team I have come across. I love working with their friendly team and will always continue working with them on all my future projects. Thank you UIUX Studios for pointing out a way to achieve my goals and educating me on opportunities that wouldn't have been possible before.

Client Testimonials
Andrew Guild