Kindergarten Villa Milla


The Project

"Family & Care" is a private kindergarten, opened in 2018 Children education in small groups: early development, general development, preparation for school, speech therapist, choreography, vocals, children's holidays, English, part-time mini-kindergarten, babysitting services.



  • Trust of parents.
  • Understanding that in "Family & Care" children will be safe, loved, and under the supervision of professionals.
  • The convenience of the site for both new and regular users (for parents whose children are already registered).
  • Maximum number of appointments per consultation.


Target Audience

Parents (m. and w. age 25-45 years) who are looking for a kindergarten for their child. The Pain Points are -

  • Getting complete information about the kids' club.
  • Availability of contacts to call or request a callback for consultation.
  • Schedule of the full daily routine.
  • Prices for services.



Type of work

UI/UX Design

Wordpress Development



Website Design



kindergarten kindergarten

Color PAlette










Client's Testimonial

I know they do other work for clients, but the team seemed invested in our project and wanted to see us succeed.

Internal and external users find the site UIUX Studios built to be much more user-friendly than its predecessor and a better representation of the brand. The helpful, dedicated team beat the deadline despite deleterious events beyond their control. Their work is a high value-for-money proposition.

Despite being a very well-respected and large organization, the company’s brand hasn’t often been a priority. The marketing department is still new, and we’ve focused on making sure our brand indicates the important work we do.

We had an old website that wasn’t user- or mobile-friendly and was difficult for us to update, so we knew we needed a new one. Lastly, we wanted to use the new site as a marketing piece, not just as a resource. We’re a large company that’s been around for 115 years, and we wanted our site to reflect our history and the pride we take in the work we do.

They built us an entirely new site in WordPress and walked us through the entire process. They began by reviewing the existing site, then built a new site map based on how we wanted the new site to be organized. After that planning phase, they gave us several design options and outlined the possibilities each offered. We decided on a design our whole team was happy with before migrating existing content to the new site.

They exceeded our expectations. In particular, the project manager made sure to explain development or design concepts to me when I needed clarification. He was able to break down the process and explain it in a simple way.

The team was so easy to work with that we ended up six weeks ahead of schedule, with most of our work finished by the end of December. Unfortunately, we had some challenges with a third-party vendor we’d hired for integration of our sites. UIUX Studios worked with them to make sure everything was addressed.

They were open about everything, from cost to the design of the final product. They stuck to their contract, but that just meant they communicated with us when or if they couldn’t provide a particular service. Nevertheless, they made several last-minute changes for us that other companies might not have allowed. Overall, they went above and beyond what we could have done.

Tarek Oraby (Owner, Click4Services)