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About MPRr

MPR dashboard for sellers. Sellers will be able to sell their products throughout the country. It is fully responsive and included awesome features to help sellers to sell products fast and easily.


Dashboard Design

The dashboard will visually track, analyze, and display key performance indicators, metrics, and key data points to monitor the health of a business. User can understand your business condition at a glance. Admin user can see the top products and recent orders. User can monitor product status and revenue.



Type of work

HTML Design




MPR database webapp


MPR database webapp

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MPR database webapp

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MPR database webapp

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MPR database webapp

Client's Testimonial

We asked them for the world, and they gave us a whole universe.

Creating a robust database and functionality, the team impressed their partner with their deliverables. They proved to be dynamic, flexible, and accommodating. Customers can expect a team that communicates effectively and takes feedback into account when developing products.

They were phenomenal, which is why I chose to leave them a review. I wanted to go out of my way to do this because we asked them for the world, and they gave us a whole universe.

We were very ambitious about our requirements and are still working with them. We’re now on our second contract with them for another application. They were very dynamic in their responses. We needed a very robust database for analytics, which they created superbly. They were familiar with developing social media and compressing data, which impressed us as well.

They made the process very easy and were sure to include us in the process along the way. We were hands-on with them the whole time. Even if we had feedback on things we didn’t agree upon, they were very responsive and accommodating. Everyone I did business with was passionate and a pleasure to work with. At times, it felt like this was their own project. The quality they provided was phenomenal, addressing every single one of our comments and concerns.

My previous experience with another vendor left us disappointed but UIUX Studios was an absolute dream come true.

They developed what we wanted, but we will be rebranding this particular app. Now, we’re working on a different product with them.

Steve Karr (Senior Manager, Creative and Web Services, Bluetooth SIG)