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This application summarizes the questions that must be answered in order for a researcher to create a project. Once reviewed and approved we will next provide the other documents/questions that MAY be required. ALL questions and their answers make up the research proposal application. It is that application that the REB members must be able to respond to: they may approve it, conditionally approve it or conditionally reject the proposal.



  • RAE needs to have a submission checklist at the end of the “form” so the researcher can see what is missing; if data entry is NOT completed, the researcher should not be able to submit the form. Perhaps this should be indicated on a question by question basis?
  • Prior to the fields being filled in, the researcher must be logged into RAE. The researcher should already exist in RAE – created using a separate process. RAE needs to know: Name, Research role, Position, Institution (s), School or Department, Email, Phone.
  • The researcher needs to be able to add additional researchers. The researcher and all subsequent researchers must have completed the TCPS CORE Tutorial certification (forms must be uploaded but only once).
  • RAE should flag if the researcher is from a different institution than that being applied to.



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Client's Testimonial

Their best quality was their communication and ability to understand what we require.

The app performs well and is currently in its second beta testing and development stage. UIUX Studios responds promptly to questions, accurately carried out requests, and explained each phase of the project clearly and comprehensively.

They gave me a project manager, mobile iOS and Android app developers, testers, web developers, and graphic designers. The size of the team was fixed. The project manager was great. He understood my requirements clearly and executed them well.

We used to manage communication through their internal project management software. We’ve also have been communicating through Skype and phone calls.

Their best quality was their communication and ability to understand what we require. We used to argue, but then they explained things to us in a clear way.

Brendan Buchholz (Founder, Cool Charm Friends)