Sales Funnel
Automation Work

1. Email & Marketing Automation

For this project we were tasked with the job of creating a series of marketing automation funnels for a skin clinic business.

The client's goal was to generate more revenue from enquiries by using marketingautomation.

To better segment their leads, an additional field was added to the their optin form that asked the prospect to choose their 'condition of concern'. This allowed us to create a series of highly targeted funnels based on the various skin conditions and deliver the right information to the right person the right time.

Email & Marketing Free Brochure Optin Funnel

Free Brochure Optin Funnel

Email & Marketing Specific Skin Condition Funnel

Specific Skin 'Condition' Funnel

2. Email & Marketing Automation

This project was to setup a complex automation funnel that features multiple optins and purchases. There were a number of 'rules' that needed to be applied to ensure the prospects enter the correct funnels when certain actions occurred. The project also required integration with ClickFunnels.

Email & Marketing Automation Complex Automation Funnel

3. WooCommerce Sales funnel

This workflow was designed as part of a recent email automation campaign where a key component that was required was to generate and send a registration number to registrants who entered a competition.

Using Zapier, a custom zap was setup between WooCommerce (trigger) and Active Campaign (action).

As the email sequence only needed to run for people who purchased the competition registration and not other products, some customisation was required. In this case, a filter was used along with product tagging to only allow purchasers of the correct product to pass through to the email sequence.

An additional step to the workflow was added with output to Google Sheet from WooCommerce orders.

WooCommerce Active Campaign1
WooCommerce Active Campaign2
WooCommerce Active Campaign3