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YOGA is the journey of the Self, Through the Self, To the Self. - The Bhagwad Gita

Yoga4You is a free project for a yoga services company that was financially hit by a corona virus and attempts to interest the users in online courses as an alternative. The assignment was given by my work colleague and instructor. CI Design was essentially not a part of the project, but to present it perfectly, I decided to create the complete corporate identity.



Objective - Make the use of this page as intuitive as possible. To acquaint the user with the instructors and the studio in general. Subscribe as many users as possible for a free week trial. Make a landing page that will leave a positive impression on the user, thereby attracting him to renew his subscription.

Solution - We decided to create landing in both light and dark modes, also added some art objects and made it easy and simple to use.


Yoga Class

Type of work

UI/UX Design




Yoga Classes

Website & Dashboard Design

yoga class


yoga class yoga class yoga class

Color PAlette


full website view

yoga class

Teacher’s Dashboard

yoga class

Student’s Dashboard

yoga class

Responsive Dashboard

yoga class
yoga class
yoga class

Client's Testimonial

What I loved was that their team made sure to design for our overall goals.

UIUX Studios helped us with the creative process. We gave them parameters such as our company colors and colors to avoid. Unlike other agencies, their team asked about what experience we wanted our end users to have upfront. They understood what we wanted to do before starting the design phase.

We wanted to launch the website prior to a big project announcement. Because of the deadline, we had to prioritize a couple of tasks. We launched the website, but their team’s making changes. They’re also hosting our website, which includes updates.

The YOGA booking website not only satisfies internal stakeholders but also features a form that receives a significant amount of engagement. Their attentiveness supports a successful partnership. By investing time to understand the project objectives, UIUX Studios promotes seamless collaboration.

Kristi Nelson (Chief Marketing Officer)